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Prague Declaration- a distortion of truth


We, members of the Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel, comprising Holocaust survivors, now advanced in years still carrying the unhealed wounds of that period can never forget the cruelty, the murderous assault on our people by thousands of local murderers.      


We denounce in the strongest terms the attempt of the government of the Lithuania to distort, deceive, falsify and deny the true facts as to the enthusiastic participation of their people in the almost total annihilation of the local Jewish community.


Participation of thousands of their nationals in the massacres of unarmed, innocent Jews; men women and children is well documented and cannot be denied.


We appeal to the European Parliament to reject and discard the Prague Declaration and any and all similar proposals and declarations. These efforts represent attempts to cover up the Holocaust by imposition of an artificial equivalence and symmetry between the Nazi-Lithuanian genocide and the crimes committed by the Soviet Union. They are being promulgated by those who would distort history rather than face historic truth.


We appeal to parliamentarians across the political spectrum to reject these proposals   


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